Monday, January 30, 2012


Brending Kiwanis Again - Reached out November 2009

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    1. Semantic Web Road map
      A road map for the future, an architectural plan untested by anything except thought experiments.

      This was written as part of a requested road map for future Web design, from a level of 20,000ft. It was spun off from an Architectural overview for an area which required more elaboration than that overview could afford.

      Necessarily, from 20,000 feet, large things seem to get a small mention. It is architecture, then, in the sense of how things hopefully will fit together. So we should recognize that while it might be slowly changing, this is also a living document.

      This document is a plan for achieving a set of connected applications for data on the Web in such a way as to form a consistent logical web of data (semantic web).